Our daily use of supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet, must pay attention to the characteristics of half height supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet:

1, double-layer wind curtain structure, energy saving, adjustable shelf, the top can display goods.

2, scientific cabinet height, beautiful appearance suitable for displaying all kinds of cakes, drinks, fruits, vegetables and other fresh food.

3, cabinet height 1350mm, each layer of the supermarket low temperature cabinet can be tilted shelves, the bottom can choose parts ladder shelf, so that the ultra low temperature cabinet manufacturers some display goods can be clear at a glance, a great place for customers to choose and buy.

4, the overall design of 220V power supply, can follow the low temperature cabinet manufacturers to move to the required sales position

5, suitable for large stores and small stores shelves refrigerated display cabinets, beautiful appearance, generous.

The correct use of supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet:

1, the newly purchased or transported supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet, should stand for 2 to 6 hours before starting. Before use, the first 2 to 6 hours of empty tank electrify operation. Do not start the compressor immediately after shutdown. Wait for more than 5 minutes to avoid burning out the compressor.

2. The supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet should be placed on a flat ground. The indoor environment of the supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet should be well-ventilated and dry, with the top above 50cm from the ceiling, the left and right sides above 20cm from other objects, and the back above 20cm from other objects.

3. When the fresh-keeping cabinet is used in the supermarket, the hot food should be cooled to room temperature before being put into the display cabinet. For intercooled (air-cooled) supermarket crisper, store food, food should not be too close to the outlet. For the straight refrigerated supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet, when the frosting thickness reaches 5 mm, artificial defrosting is needed.

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