Generally speaking, the period of seed harvest is solved in high temperature and high humidity, so in this period, how to create good storage conditions, is an important premise to maintain the laboratory low temperature cabinet and prolong the germinatio
Our daily use of supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet, must pay attention to the characteristics of half height supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet:1, double-layer wind curtain structure, energy saving, adjustable shelf, the top can display goods.2, scientific
Convenience store freezer equipped with night energy-saving curtain usb freezer, specially for night and other low temperature disinfection cabinet non-business hours. Further energy saving mini convenience store freezer freezer prices, reduce the cost of
"Made in Zhejiang" certified social responsibility reportApplicant: Zhejiang Aixue Refrigeration Electric Appliance Co., LTDDate: November 2021
"Made in Zhejiang" certified quality integrity reportApplicant: Zhejiang Aixue Refrigeration Electric Appliance Co., LTDNovember 2021
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